This page has been created as a space where our customers are able to share such experiences which took place while using our Anointing Oils. We at The New Jerusalem believe that it is ultimately God who heals, restores, and blesses so therefore all the glory must go to Him. Our aim is to simply share with you our joy each time we see one of our oils be a part of something special our God decides to do in the life of one of His children. 

If you would like to submit a testimony you may do so from the "Contact Us" page on this web site.

1- Works better than my medicine

I bought 5 of your oils today because of the fragrances. However, I hospitalized and put on disability for C-PTSD. Your Prince of Peace and Balm of Gilead oils works better than my prescription medication of 2mg Xanax for panic attacks and PTSD episodes. I've never physically felt something from anointing or essential oils. But, this oil I feel something physically in my body that is unexplainable, euphoric and calming. I was hospitalized for 9 months, determined unable to work and put on disability my C-PTSD is so severe. I'm shocked... This is just olive oil and myrrh that's been prayed over??? These should be in hospitals and pharmacies. What denomination are you?

Shelby O - USA

2- Physical Healing

This product is excellent! I was challenged with a parasitic illness for almost a year that left me with dark spots and rashes all over my body. When I started using the oil to anoint myself daily, I received immediate results. My skin is clearing and I am walking out my divine healing daily.

A Rockett - USA

3- Blessings

Blessings and provisions from G-d our Abba.

J Pendleton - Kentucky, USA

4 - Sleeping Pattern Restored

At the ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles this year I purchased two bottles of oil from The New Jerusalem Company. I bought one Bridal Garden and one Frankincense. Over the past month I had been having trouble sleeping. I was restless, was seeing weird/demonic things when I would close my eyes etc.

I felt like the Holy Spirit told me to anoint myself with Bridal Garden each night before bed, and to take communion. The first night I did this I noticed that my sleep was better. And its continued to improve. I know that there is no "magic" potion with these oils, but I do believe that because the folks at The New Jerusalem take the time to soak each oil in prayer, that ultimately when you use them you are being set up for an encounter with God Himself.

Eliana K - Israel

5 - Amazing Fragrance

I received my oil today and am super excited about using it in intimate prayer time. 

The smell reminds me of something I smelled before in the spirit when the book of Esther was being preached. I LOVE! that this is from Yerushalayim and pray that this company will grow more and more as believers discover their Hebraic roots, come to understand their Hebraic God, and Messiah. 

I am excited that this oil is symbolic of the old covenant meeting the new. God bless and protect Yerushalayim and may SHALOM be in it's streets and boundaries in YESHUA'S MIGHTY NAME.

Kimberley J - USA

6 - Great Experience

Item was perfect and smelled wonderful!! 

Angela M - USA

7 - One of the Finest

One of the finest oils I've bought, and so worth it!!! I love it has a true blend of all ingredients found in the Bible. Will purchase again. Great for praying and anointing!

Angie P - USA

8 - Life Changing Intimacy

Before leaving on holidays, my husband & I anointed our new RV trailer with the New Jerusalem Bridal Garden anointing oil. Our desire was that our holiday trailer would first and foremost be a habitation for the Lord’s presence. 

Every morning we would come before Him in prayer and with the Word and I began to notice how much I felt the closeness of the Spirit of God in our midst! Then I realized that this was the intimacy we prayed for when we anointed our trailer with the Bridal Garden anointing oil!

I really believe that the Lord uses this anointing oil as a point of contact for His Presence. In His anointing we are sanctified and set apart to receive everything He desires to impart to us as His children!

Thank you, New Jerusalem Family, for offering these beautiful anointing oils as a means to enjoy intimacy with our Messiah in a greater way. I really appreciate how you have given yourselves to prayer over each one, dedicating them to the Lord and providing a pathway for His Spirit to be imparted to those who use them.

Blessings & Shalom,

Kelli B - Canada

9 - Powerful Presence and Touch from God

Shalom, I want to share a testimony about The New Jerusalem Holy Anointing Oil.

I normally attend a group meeting called Miracle Manna on every Mondays, so on the 20th June 2016, I brought with me a few dozen bottles of The New Jerusalem Holy Anointing Oil for the group leader and the members.

During an altar call the group leader used The New Jerusalem Holy anointing oil to administer to the members for healing and deliverance. The presence of the Anointing was so strong and the Spirit of GOD was moving so powerfully as most of the members were slained and some were laying on the floor for a very long time.

One was crying and the other was laughing and that reminds me of the Word of the LORD “You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore GOD; Your GOD, has anointed you with the oil of gladness more than your companions” (Psalm 45:7;Hebrews1:9 NKJV).

One of the sisters commented that The New Jerusalem Holy Anointing Oil was very special and different than the rest as we all could feel the power of GOD moving unlike other times before. I too could feel the strong Presence and the Anointing in the Sanctuary.

I am so blessed because I also received the oil of gladness and I want to thank the LORD and give Him all the Glory for His mighty works! Our GOD is an awesome GOD who is mighty to save! Blessings!

Sheila K - Singapore

10 - Physical Healing Miracle

My son was suffering from a fever so my daughter and I anointed him with The New Jerusalem oil and his fever went away. This high quality, anointing oil has been processed and prayed over with holy hands in the Holy Land long before it is poured out in prayer over others. Every time you anoint someone with The New Jerusalem oil, you are in a very real sense joining your faith with the tangible place, presence and person who still heals today - Jesus Christ. I highly recommend The New Jerusalem. It's more than anointing oil. It's about the Anointed One.

K. DeVries - G.R. Michigan, USA

11 - Physical Healing Miracle

My wife and I have a friend who is living with us who has been fighting a losing battle with pancreatitis for a number of years and suffers with a great deal of pain. As the pain has increased I was impressed by the Holy Spirit to not only pray for him as we do daily but to also anoint him with the anointing oil from The New Jerusalem. 

He felt remarkable relief almost immediately. As the pain increases we remember to anoint him again and again the pain abates. Not only does he suffer with the pain but he has been losing his appetite. Since living with us he has lost about 30 pounds. I was moved again by the Spirit to anoint his lips and pray for him to have his appetite return so that he would get the nutrition he needs and to stop the weight loss. Almost immediately his appetite has returned and he is able to eat more and more food. The weight loss has stopped and hopefully he will begin to regain what was lost. 

I realized it is not the oil alone that has made the difference in his life but it is the anointing oil combined with the healing spirit of God has made all the difference! I keep the anointing oil from The New Jerusalem very handy and ready to use when the Spirit of God calls!

R. McAlister - Brier, Washington

12 - Housing Miracle

This past year my family and I have been building a new house. A process that should have been straight forward suddenly began to encounter many unexpected road blocks that continued to extend the dead line from days to weeks and eventually into months. When one problem was solved another one showed up. After speaking with a friend she gave me a bottle of The New Jerusalem Anointing Oil and encouraged me to anoint and pray over the house. I did this a few times and slowly but surely the problems disappeared and the house was finished much sooner than had been expected when taking into consideration all the problems we were having.

I have to say that there is something very special about these oils, which I am thinking has to do with the way that they are made as well as the prayer and dedication that goes into them before they leave the workshop in Israel. 

Olga S - Israel

13 - Physical Healing Miracle

The atmosphere is charged with hope and anticipation during our Celebration Baptisms Services. There is something about witnessing a person publicly declare Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, go into the water by faith, and come up out of the water with a new perspective.

I was scheduled with 2 other men of God to be in the pool during our early service on Sunday morning. Always excited for these services, I pray earnestly on my drive to the church as my level of expectancy is heightened by how compassionate our God really is! As I arrive to the where everyone who is getting baptized is gathered, we are briefed about the late entry of a young man in a powered wheelchair. Keith is a big boy and the evaluation is underway whether or not we'll need more help moving him around. Fortunately, we have a mechanical lift for these purposes; to get disabled or handicap people in and out of the pool. 

Immediately, Holy Spirit energizes my faith and boldness. As worship begins, I find Keith sitting in his chair and I proceed to introduce myself. I gently leaned in to speak words of boldness and proclaim healing over his mind and body. The slideshow of him walking out of the baptismal pool was running through my heart as I prayed and anointed him with oil. 

Keith courageously allows our team to strap him into the chairlift and lower him into the pool. He shares his story with the congregation of how he had been seriously injured in a car accident, leaving him in a wheelchair. He confesses Jesus as Lord with tears in his eyes, and we put him under. 

This man rises from the water different. He is standing, his demeanor is different, so I lean into him and ask, "Would you like to go back in the chair? Or do you want to walk out?" Keith replied, with absolute confidence, "I want to walk!"

It took a good 30 to 40 seconds for him to make his way up and down the steps, but he did it!! This was Keith's first step to complete healing, and he won my heart with his determination to experience the goodness of God. The Bible instructs us to pray for the sick, anointing them with oil.

I never go anywhere without my New Jerusalem Anointing Oil. Of course it is not the oil that heals, but the power it represents!

Pastor Scott S G - Michigan, USA

14 - High Quality

It's incredibly beautiful. Wonderfully put together.

Katherine R - USA

15 - Wonderful Experience

The description is right on! I have ordered oils from other places and what they show on the screen and what arrives were vastly different; but, this is exactly what you ordered! Very happy with my purchases which I will be using for Christmas gifts! It is packaged as shown, elegantly displayed in a very nice bottle with a covering inside, under the cap, that allows you to only dispense a small amount of oil at a time, without fear of the whole bottle emptying in your hand! I don't express myself very well, but, I can tell you I am extremely happy with my purchases! I bought for my sisters and one for myself!

Mary Lou M - USA

16 - Powerfully Comforting and Soothing Oils

This oil is truly blessed and anointed. So glad I invested in it. Will definitely be purchasing again!

Vergis G W - USA

17 - Wonderful Fragrance

Yeshua has anointed this product.

Concepcion L - USA

18 - Great Quality

I gave this to a friend for Mothers day. She was so thrilled. It smells so clean and fresh, I hated to give it up. But she is my best friend.

Kathleen L - USA

19 - Great Quality

The oil is the best i have ever received. It smells wonderful and coming from Jerusalem is edifying. I asked the Lord to bless it and I anoint myself, my house etc. I will be purchasing more!!!! Love it!

Michelle - USA

20 - Striking Packaging

It makes a beautiful gift and is packaged so nicely. It smell like heaven.

Debbie F - USA

21 - Outstanding Quality

This oils are fantastic - I love them and the fact that they are made in the Holy Land is Awesome. I love them all of them and I will be recommending them to all of my friends.

Dora H - USA

22 - First Time

My first time ordering this anointing oil and also from you. I've only used it twice thus far and I like the aroma and frangrance it has. It stays on all day which reminds you of your anointing.

Val - USA

23 - My All Time Favorite Fragrance - Messiahs Fragrance

This might possibly my favorite fragrance!

Rick R - USA