All of our Yemenite and ram horn shofars are 100% natural. Our Anointing Oil carrying Shofar is unique in its design. It is decorated with various Messianic Signs and finished using pure Sterling Silver. All of our Shofars are cleaned and finished by hand in Jerusalem under strict Rabbinical supervision. These beautiful natural horns can be used for personal times of worship as well as very impressive ornaments that can be displayed, when not in use, in any home or office. Please note that we only sell shofars to our wholesale customers and not in small numbers. If you would like to purchase in bulk please contact us by pressing here


We have gone to great lengths to select the best available Talits for prayer in the market. We are pleased to be able to offer two types of Talits. One is a Kosher certified model which has been made under strict Rabbinical supervision. The other is a non Kosher model which has been also made to meet our very high standards for quality. Both models come with knotted fringes in all four corners known as tzitzit and Hebrew writings. The Non Kosher also includes in all four corners New Testament Scriptures in English and comes with a customized carrying case.