About Us

The New Jerusalem is owned and run by a local Messianic Jewish family. Our workshop and offices are both located in Israel. One of our core foundational beliefs is to empower and enrich others through everything that we create and do. This desire begins right here at home where as a company we are open to providing opportunities of employment to every part of the society we are based in. This approach, we believe, enables in an equitable and direct manner for the purchases our customers make to have a direct impact in helping us to continue to employ and bless local workers and their families, thus promoting the well being of this nation and its inhabitants. 

This passion is then naturally extended onto each of our products. Through them we seek to express our desire to share the love and intimacy that God longs for us to understand and experience in our own individual lives, as well as to export the nation of Israel into the world and principally the eternal city of Jerusalem where much will be taking place in years to come according to the Bible.  

We believe that this desire and vision calls for the whole process of production to be done and overseen by people that truly understand the importance of the mandate we have been given. This is why those that are responsible for producing our products are master craftsmen of their trade. Those involved with our oil, just like with the whole of our product range, have years of experience and insight in producing Holy Anointing Oils, often being asked to teach others both in Israel and abroad the mysteries, truths, and the importance of what lies behind and within the Holy Anointing Oil the scriptures speak about. Like with everything in life everyone within the company loves what they do and it is because of this passion that we carry within ourselves for what we do and the God we do it for that ultimately, you the customer, receives a Premium product like no other.

The goal we have been given is to provide individuals, ministries, and organizations with the best possible products that are not only made using the best natural raw materials available, but that they are also hand crafted right here in the Promised Land. Through them, like with our logo, we aim to communicate the relevance that Christ has not only in each of our lives but also on the past, present, and future of the nation of Israel where we believe a great awakening that will be responsible for eventually ushering in The New Jerusalem draws near.

We look forward to being of service to you and your needs but most of all being a blessing to your life and relationship with the God who made you and loves you like no other.

Bivracha me’Yerushalaim!

The New Jerusalem Family