We at The New Jerusalem after searching the scriptures and understanding what they and the history of the Jewish faith is all about believe that the Holy Anointing Oils ultimately speak of Christ and His finished work.

Olive oil comes from the olive fruit after it has undergone an extreme process of manhandling and crushing. When the fruit is first pressed the oil producer only gets a white sap which has a very bitter taste. In order to get the oil and get rid of the bitter taste both the fruit and the seed have to be crushed by a great weight in what is known as an olive press. This undertaking we believe is a direct and symbolic representation of the way Jesus was crushed under the burden and weight of our sin and the wrath of God directed towards that sin. The consequence of this crushing He received can be seen as Him becoming the Holy Anointing Oil that is responsible for healing and setting us free today.

Holy Anointing Oils were no stranger in Yeshua's life on earth either. We see this in Luke chapter 4 where He is anointed at the beginning of His ministry by a woman and again at the end by Mary of Bethany before He is crucified. The anointing of oil is also mentioned in many other places in the scriptures, both in the Old and New Testaments, to signify special occasions like a major initiation, an endorsement, a significant and intimate event, a dedication, or to encourage faith when a prayer for deliverance and healing is performed. 

As we combine all of this Biblical information together with the studies and research we have undertaken of the mention and use of oil in the scriptures it is not hard to understand why in Proverbs 27 we are told that oil and perfume are designed to make the heart glad. Furthermore all of these discoveries clearly show us that this God of ours is driven by a ferocious love for his creation and longs to show this love through intimacy where ultimately its aim is for us to understand how much and how well we are loved. 

We at The New Jerusalem long to communicate these scriptural truths and message through each one of our products to the world all the way from the eternal city where Jesus was crushed and pressed for all of us. It is from here that we believe we have been called by God himself to produce this range of high quality natural hand crafted oils just for you - to help usher you into a new, closer, and more intimate space in your walk with God which will be a reflection of The New Jerusalem spoken about in the book of Revelation.

This is why each of our fragrances are made by following ancient Biblical recipes found either within the scriptures or through the ones that have been passed down the generations within the Hebrew culture. We use 100% Pure Extra Virgin Oil produced from olives harvested from olive trees around the city of Jerusalem and the Judea Mountains. This is then mixed with the best Natural Essential Oils and fragrances we personally source from around the world. Each one of our oils is hand crafted and bottled by hand right here in our workshops in the outskirts of the Holy City. Furthermore each person involved in the process of producing our oils has a deep understanding and appreciation for the significance and the potential blessing Holy Anointing Oils carry when used in conjunction with prayer. They believe they have been called to minister through the production of Holy Anointing Oils from Israel to the nations and by teaching others the insights they have discovered in their years of work and research.

Every item we produce is always soaked in prayer and dedicated to God for use as He sees fit before it leaves our workshop and is delivered into your hands. Furthermore, when you purchase our Holy Anointing Oils you are purchasing a piece of the Promised Land as ours are all Hand Crafted where it all took place.

Shalom, grace & peace from Jerusalem!