These days so much of what we buy is made using synthetic materials and is very likely that somewhere along the line a machine was used along the production process. When things are hand crafted they carry something special something extra. They are the direct expression of someones life and craft. It means that the item you hold in your hand has been made with the utmost care and attention to detail yet at the same time it shares it own unique characteristics that no other product will share.

This is why we are very excited to add to our Premium range of hand crafted Anointing Oils our new Israeli Made Jewelry collection made both in the outskirts of Jerusalem and around Israel. We have chosen to focus our range on items that communicate something special about our faith, the land of Israel, and its biblical history. Each of our pieces is made combining quality components that are responsible for making unique, high quality, and long-lasting pieces of jewelry. In all of our pieces we used solid Argentium™ sterling silver and solid gold. The natural precious stones and leathers we use are also selected by hand so you receive not only something that is hand crafted but also with a finish of the highest quality.