Perfumes were a precious and expensive commodity in great demand during the Biblical times often exceeding the value of silver and gold.

As we know many fragrances are present and well recorded throughout the pages of the Bible often used to represent and communicate a sentiment or a picture of great joy and pleasure. Like in the Old Testament perfume and fragrance were no strangers either in the life of Yeshua. The Bible tells us that specific fragranced oils were used to anoint Him at the beginning of His ministry, before His crucifixion, and in preparation for His burial. 

Like with all of our products the inspiration to share this range of Premium Perfumes comes from the evident pleasure that fragrances give to God. Through each of them we believe God has led us to share a fragrance that will both bless those that wear it as well as those that come into contact with them. We have been very careful to follow, like with all of our products, the Biblical traditions that have always accompanied perfume and fragrance in the scriptures. We have done this by using the highest quality ingredients to create aromas and scents that will go on enriching the daily lives of every believer.

Everyone of our distinct, exceptional, and striking fragrances have been carefully designed for you to smell wonderful and fresh throughout the day. With each carrying a special anointing that is imparted onto the product through the specific prayers that God has lead us to pray over it before it leaves our workshops in Israel.

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