Our Vision

It was one fall day during one of the many visits we often make to the old city in Jerusalem that God began to speak to us about the broken spiritual walls in peoples lives. As we sat there watching men and women go about their day the verses from Nehemiah 2 began to surface from within our heart as God showed us His desire to restore what was broken. This time it would not be the physical walls of a city but instead the spiritual walls of people like you and us.

And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband.
— Revelation 21:2

Much has gone on since the days when Jesus walked the streets of Jerusalem sharing a message of love and acceptance to all. A message that shared the desire of God to be intimate with His creation, not through a set of rules, but instead through them discovering the King and His Kingdom that is within each of our hearts. Unfortunately, like it was back in the days of Jesus, today there still seems to be a great sense of separation even amongst believers from this simple truth Jesus shared with us. 

We believe that there is a place deep within us where we can walk into and remain within a reality where we know that we are special, unique, and above all else unconditionally loved. A space where the same intimacy spoken of on The Songs of Solomon and throughout the Bible is also possible today. A reality where our lives mirror the beautiful picture of a Bride that the Bible describes in the book of Revelation called The New Jerusalem. We believe that we are living during a time where God is wanting everyone of us to understand this truth and that it is only through intimacy with Him that we will be enabled to discover and remain within this secret place within our hearts. 

It was and still is here in this place of intimacy that men and women in days gone by have found and continue to find their true identity and likeness in God. And it is here where we believe men and women today will also discover this most basic need every one of us has which is to know how well we are accepted and loved.

In the book of Revelation the Bible speaks about a New Jerusalem that would usher a new beginning where renewed intimacy and blessing would take place. It would be a time of preparation for Gods bride to get ready to stand before her King by being washed, clothed, and anointed. A bride that would not be broken down but instead complete, whole, and fully healed which is what we believe God longs to see in each and everyone of our lives today. 

Therefore it is with this vision and sentiment within our hearts that we bring to all of you all the way from the eternal city of Jerusalem in Israel a new range of hand crafted Holy Anointing Oils and other high quality Biblical Products. It is our hope that each time one of our products is used that they will encourage and usher every one whether an individual, a Church, or an independent ministry to rediscover this secret place of worship and intimacy with the One who made us all. 

The importance of the vision we have been entrusted with means that we go to great lengths to make sure that everyone of our oils are produced with care and reverence and a deep understanding and appreciation for the truth of anointing and intimacy throughout scripture. Each item we produce is soaked in prayer and dedicated to God for use as He sees fit before it leaves our workshop and is delivered into your hands. Furthermore, when you purchase our oils you are purchasing a piece of the Promised Land as all of our Holy Anointing Oils from Israel are Hand Crafted by combining ancient Hebrew recipes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil made in Israel, and high quality all natural essential oils obtained from various parts of the world. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and allowing us to be a part of your journey home.

Shalom from the eternal city!

The New Jerusalem family.